Everything we experience is recreated in our brains in such a way to fool us into thinking that this is taking place outside of ourselves and therefore, we all agree on what is taking place. He/she emanates positive thoughts and gives out positive signals to his/her immediate surroundings. It has the power to hurt, humiliate, help, and heal. Your reality of the ease or difficulty in achieving your financial goals has also changed as a result. Intentions and thoughts can co-create a life of your choice. It does not need to be based in physical reality or shared reality, though, for your own sanity, much of your personal reality should partially cross over into these realms. There are reports of some near-death experiences which support the idea of quantum immortality. The term ‘create your own reality’ means the different ways by which you can co-create your life by the energy of your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, and actions. Beliefs are images or ideas that trigger various thoughts in your subconscious mind. It is simply more convenient to go about our day pretending matter is solid because it is useful and that is a model that serves our purpose. Focusing on fear means it starts dictating your feelings and thereby your actions. Originally a statement promoted by those with a more progressive perspective on life, the idea behind the phrase is now commonly found everywhere from … The greater the experiences in your life, the greater the options available to you. Why even after changing many jobs, you are unable to get your desired success? .when we look at a person, the image of the person is really on the surface of our retinas. Efficiency is the rule which means our brains will often ignore unnecessary data. How Philosophy Helped Me More Than Anything Else in Life, The Twisted Relationship of Love and Capitalism, Stoic Advice: My Mother Doesn’t Like My Stoic Practice, Stephen Hawking’s Model-Dependent Realism. A Psychologist with a master's degree in Psychology, a former school psychologist, and a teacher by profession Chandrani loves to live life simply and happily. If we make the following small adjustment in the belief that we create our own reality, we come closer to the truth: we often participate in creating our reality. Most of the data humans receive comes through our eyes and our brains are wired for visual data processing. Universal truths exist independently of our whims and wishes. Trust your intuitions and craft a real-world for you that tunes with your inner realm of psychological consensus. You may be wealthy now, but in the past, you struggled to make ends meet. The choices we make determine the real world for us. Fear keeps you away from facing new challenges and opportunities. The first spark of the creating process comes from your willpower. The Perception of physical reality depends on the inner world of thoughts and beliefs. The theory is based on the fact that when you change the way you see things within you and around you, it helps you to make a new outlook towards life. This strongly influences how you view the world around you, and your place in it. Various life situations pose a threat to our existence over which humans cannot do anything. When you create your own reality, you feel safe, comfortable, and protected. It is like blindly picking a present at a gift exchange only to be told not to complain because “you chose that.”. It guides you to a conscious realm of thoughts that are positive and prompts you to make a real-world of your choice. Our passion and focus is on creating new homes that deliver a lifetime of enjoyment and … It is you who can make a better place for yourself and have a life you long wished for. Attracting things help you to form new ideas, set new goals, and achieve things of your choice. Your perspective of the world around you has changed dramatically throughout your life. Accept and embrace it to move ahead in life. You have many more timelines to choose to experience. In other words, you can’t choose a steak dinner from the makings of a PBJ. That will be my next article. It helps us to make it happen for us. As Robin Sharma said, “Words can inspire and words can destroy. What Does ‘Create Your Own Reality’ Mean? And how would you like to achieve it? No two people experience the world in the same way. You may be wealthy now, but in the past, you struggled to make ends meet. This means you may only choose from potential futures that are presented and available to you from the point where you are presented with a decision. In such situations, the person should seek professional help from a psychologist or mental health expert to develop appropriate coping strategies and formulate a healthy perspective full of positive thinking and optimism. We all make choices about various things that we wish to have. Your experiences skew your view of reality. Words like “I am good enough”, “I can achieve my goals” can bring in a positive outlook in life. Your choices are pretty limited. Show kindness and empathy towards others and the world will feel a much better place to live in. She is here to share her thoughts and experiences and enrich the lives of few if not many. You are powerful enough to create a real-world for yourself. Visualize and narrate the benefits of having a positive life for you. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher and volunteers for racial justice and human rights organizations. It simply means you have reached a consensus. This reality creation is based on the understanding and interpretation of things that you want in your life. There is a saying “You don’t see things as they are; you see things as you are”. We look for patterns and draw from past experiences. It is very much real but not in our control. You create a reality that is in agreement with that vibration. In his 1991 book, “The Holographic Universe”, the late Michael Talbot proposed the universe may be a giant 3D holographic projection. If you attend to your positive thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, you can attract positive vibes into your life and create a wonderful world for yourself. To begin with the process of creation, a determined intention is needed. Could the Meaning of Life be Lorem Ipsum. The symbol denotes positive feelings and acts as a tool for achieving reality that you have long wished for. Practice this every day to create your reality. Beliefs make you understand that certain things hold in this world. Reality creation is based on a logical analysis of situations. With each passing, our consciousness moves, slides, jumps or shifts to the closest timeline, very similar to the one where we died. If you learn to control the nature of your habitual thoughts, you can create a new realm of positivity and happiness. Like branches on a tree, your consciousness moves along the limbs experiencing each choice as your reality. It is based on attitude, values, and perceptions. Along with this evolving view of the world, your reality changed as well. So how do you go about creating greater options? You have three meal options. Involve in activities and in doing little things that you like. It paves a path towards manifesting your dream life. Only then, you can create a reality that you have always wished for. The way you experience various situations can depend on your beliefs and perceptions. It was more fully developed by physicist and cosmologist Max Tegmark. Human evolution follows a path of self-awareness and positive thinking. Accepting life as it is without always trying to change and control things around is also important. You are in full control of the various things happening to you.