This is a profile and usage guide for Fiora, a character from Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition for the Nintendo Switch. Note that this page may contain Xenoblade Chronicles Spoilers! (Metal Face's blood-covered claws, and all the little Mechons jumping on her to get a bite still haunt me D: ) But I know she has to get brought back, somehow, and that I'll eventually have her in my party again, because they wouldn't make a fully-playable character with fully fleshed out skill trees/equipment/etc. Please be advised when reading ahead. Near the beginning of the game, she gets killed. 99, best Arts, best skill trees, and official artwork. Here you can find Fiora's roles, builds, stats at Lv. She is an eighteen year old Hom from Colony 9 and the younger sister of Dunban, a legendary warrior that saved their kind from annihilation. She also appear in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 where she be used as a Blade. Fiora is one of the playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles.