The reason the semicolon was used as the symbol of the movement was because in a sentence, it is the punctuation mark that separates two different ideas. The woman behind a powerful mental health campaign which aims to lower suicide rates around the world has died. It is also referred to as mental health symbol or suicide prevention tattoo. The semicolon mental health tattoos have become so popular, though that one tattoo shop in Calgary called Dusk Till Dawn donates a portion of the proceeds from every semicolon tattoo to the Canadian Mental Health Association. In our case, the sentence is our life, and we are the writers. The Semicolon Project is based in a simple message: ... See All Health Sex & Relationships Self. The Meaning Behind Semicolon Tattoos On 13 Reasons Why. What does a Semicolon tattoo mean? We look to the semicolon to remind us we can’t end our sentence and to gain hope and inspiration through its meaning. The semicolon serves as the body of the tattoo which means that before you can have a real new beginning, you have to live your life. erintattoos / Instagram. The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is reflective of what a semicolon means to a writer. If you’ve seen a person with a tiny semicolon on their wrist or arm, you’re facing someone who has overcome serious mental health issues — from depression and anxiety, to schizophrenia — and has chosen not to end their lives, but rather to move forward anew. This pretty semicolon and butterfly tattoo holds a lot of meaning. Boe and Dorfman posted images of their tattoos on social media to pay tribute to Project Semicolon ‘s founder, Amy Bleuel, who committed suicide on March 24 at age 31. While the organization began as one woman’s passion project, it now makes a global impact. Mental Health Tattoo. While the semicolon tattoo is ultimately a powerful mental health tattoo, there are many ideas and designs that can be considered anti-depression and pro mental health. The meaning of the semicolon tattoo is reflective of what a semicolon means to a writer; that the story isn't over and there is more to be written. It’s about mental health and destroying the negative stigma attached to it. The semicolon means … Aside from the semicolon mental health symbol, there are other popular mental health tattoos. The semicolon is a symbol of new beginnings popularized by the suicide prevention and mental health organization Project Semicolon. People get semicolon tattoos to represent their own struggles with and victories over ongoing as they can be suicide or to express solidarity for those suffering with mental health issues. Everyone … The Meaning Behind These Gorgeous Semicolon Tats. Finding the right tattoo idea that will help you fight your depression is all about exploring yourself and … Beauty • 13 Reasons Why • Depression • Mental Health Awareness • News. ... and other forms of mental illness. Semicolon’s tattoo’s meaning is to restore hope in people who are troubled by self-harm, depression, mental illness, and suicide. Project Semicolon is a non-profit with a mission to inspire hope and create community among those who struggle with mental illness, addiction and suicide. It represents the difficulties we are facing in our lives are not permanent but a new beginning. Photographed by Lauren Perlstein. Mental Health Semicolon Tattoo. The semicolon is used when an author chooses not to end a sentence. The Semicolon Project was created for those who were going through struggles with self-harm, depression and suicide who could have stopped moving forward, but didn’t. The traditional semicolon tattoo originated with the Semicolon Project that was started by Amy Bleuel in 2013. Her mission was to encourage people living with mental illness and to give them hope. written by Erika Stalder.