/r/deadbydaylight is a subreddit dedicated to Dead by Daylight, an asymmetrical multiplayer action-horror game developed and published by Behaviour Interactive. Shitpost / Meme. Build advice for the hag. Some sort of claw or melee weapon seems to fit the Wendigo if it is one! Enduring, Brutal Str., Play with your food and iron grasp is my hag build :) i would change the enduring with noed tbh, not many ppl using DS, and if you know to juke/avoid pallets you're fine No I dont like using Noed and this build is actually pretty good for my playstyle as Hag (No I do not mean camping :D ) #8. Hag main here. Alternatively, you could give Devour Hope (maybe with TOTH) a try and use the add-on (can’t recall the name, sorry!) Spies from the shadows could be used in place of whispers, use them both and see which you like, i prefer spies cos im bad at tracking but what do i know i can barely play killer. Her personal Perks, Hex: The Third Seal , Hex: Ruin , and Hex: Devour Hope , apply crippling penalties to Survivors as long as the associated Totem remains uncleansed. I'd try corrupt intervention, dark devotion (depending on your play style), agitation, or noed as the 4th for the strongest build. So I just unlocked Hag, lvl 15, Someone in lobby said my build was toxic; Hex: Thrill of the Hunt Hex: Ruin Hex: No One Escapes Death Hex: Devour Hope Can someone please explain to me how this build could be considered toxic? Difficulty rating: Intermediate (Devel… build is practical, flexable for changing tactics mid game, works to hags strengths and natraly causes a lot of slowdown to the surivors without the need for ruin; 21 second SC heals with slopy, the paranioa of hag sneaking up on you, MYC +single hook trap forceing surivors to take it slow to unhook else get insta downed, and how hags power just natraly slows the game once she gets a foothold. Hag. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. The curse lasts until the Survivors manage to track the Hex Totem down and cleanse it. New Survivor. 8.9k. Who do you main? 14 comments. Every good English, this is fine I can read it. 8.9k. When a survivor finds her trap, a lifelike illusion of the killer appears in front of them. Hag main here. The agony of one is inflicted on others. They are focused on cursing the Survivors and sapping their abilities. Just try not to go after the unhooked guy right off the bat, that’s no fun. A: 4.14. Once the trap is triggered, The Hag has a choice. Although, we may see it come to the PTB (Public Test Build), which should start today, November 10th. ... Dbd devs after the new aura update be like. Give Bitter Murmur a try instead since you don’t have BBQ, for when Ruin inevitably gets cleansed. that allows you to teleport to traps even when they aren’t triggered. What I have now please....Also I would like to know what to build for in the future....so I guess both :), Bring save the best for last (myers has it) if you have it It can help speed up in chases, it counters body blocking and help with bacement hooks a ton Monitor and abuse (doc) is also one of her best perks And be careful with running hex: ruin with other hex perks (except toth) as survivors look and break them quickly (that also means dull totems) as ruin pretty much tells them to look for totems or make the game go even slower so I heavily advise against using noed when you start going against more skilled players with ruin as ether you slow Down the game enough to win or they break all the totems making noed a situational But don't let anyone tell you to not run noed all together as it is a good safety net as It seams like some survivors think they should be the only ones who rank up and have fun, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the deadbydaylight community. CHAPTER XVII: Descend Beyond DLC content has been added to the site. Your Leave Lobby buttons disappears and you're forced to play. I know I could replace some of these like Nurse's Calling for Make Your Choice but I don't have those currently. Monitor and abuse is probably her best perk. @Saengerkrieg12 (currently Updating and Hosting DBD-Builder) @Vykaris (Original Maker of DBD-Builder). You'll notice I think Thanatophobia is a must-have with Hag. Comments? Make Your Choice has … After you’ve played Dead by Daylight for a long amount of time, you’ll come to realize that as long as the generators get done, nothing else matters. save hide report. Hag. I also pair it with sloppy butcher and a nurse's calling and with those 3 perks alone you should be able to do really well. Source of The Hag's power, a blackened finger used as a catalyst to her terrible power: the Phantasm Traps. Her Perks revolve around Hex Totems . I will take advice on what is should work towards as well. © Valve Corporation. Icon Name Description Killer Tier Rate; Make Your Choice. Powers. Posted by 4 days ago. General Goodstuff build: Thanatophobia, Iron Grasp, Whispers, No One Escapes Death (what I usually run). This thread is archived. Trust me, Ruin, Make Your Choice, BBQ and Tinkerer 2 ;). Or give you perks to strive for ? BBQ isn't really good on her imo because Hag is about setting your traps and letting the survivors come to you largely- you generally shouldn't be traipsing across the map to chase a BBQ proc. What build do you use to guarantee a 4k against the 4-stack tryhard SWF Squadette? The Hagis a cursed Killer, able to place Phantasm Traps and then teleport to them upon activation, using her Power. Gen Rushing – Dead by Daylight Survivor Build. Here's a screenshot of the perks I do have. Hag plays pretty uniquely and so she doesn't really use standard perks, so I think a lot of the advice here is off. Hopefully by then, you’ve got a few hooks on the board. Give you advise with what you have available ? Works wonders. Main hag here. Looking For Advice. Best Build for what I have now. BBQ isn't really good on her imo because Hag is about setting your traps and letting the survivors come to you largely- you generally shouldn't be traipsing across the map to chase a BBQ proc. Questions? Contact me on Twitter! best. save hide report. Sort by. When a Survivor rescues another Survivor from a Hook that is at least 32 metres away from you, Make Your Choice triggers and applies the Exposed Status Effect on the rescuer for 40 / 50 / 60 seconds. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.