Dwayne Carter dons his overalls and proceeds to stitch his ailing patients one after the other. Jay Electronica is no ordinary rapper. When Antoine Duhamel scored the French TV miniseries Belphegor in 1965, he didn't expect RZA to turn it into a rap hit 35 years later. "Ante Up" is further proof that their albums should come with the following warning sticker: "Repeated listens may lead to violence against things.". Portland's Lifesavas paint a solemn and sincere portrait of life as an underground rapper, highlighting some frustrations and funnies that artists and fans can easily identify. And if you happened to be a UGK fan back then, you probably recall doing backflips as soon as you heard Bun go, "It's the big southern rappin' pimp Presario.". Musically accessible, but no less intriguing than "Ether." Instead, they kick you in the teeth. Aasim is not a household name, but he should be. But with a Rembrandt hanging behind him the whole time. Snoop dropped this one in the hovering humidity of '04 and watched it sit on No.1 for three weeks. What you know about that? Absolutely nothing. More of a standout than any of Jigga’s rhymes is the brilliant display of exceptionally strong vocals from Ms. Keys. DC Loves Dilla - 9th Annual Tribute and Fundraiser (2014). He has written for "Vibe," MTV, Rap Rehab, and more. It's arguably the biggest hit to ever come out of Texas. As subtle as T-Pain's "You Don't Have to Like Me" tattoo. Mighty Mos Def blends Fela Kuti-inspired funk with Kanye-esque 808s for an uncanny hip-hop anthem. "10 Bricks" is a movie on wax, replete with vivid descriptions and rewind-worthy metaphors. The glorious midtempo throb of "Rising Up" outshines everything on Rising Down. Jadakiss hooked up with Havoc and Anthony Hamilton for a moment of reflection on a wide array of social issues. The H-Town triumvirate of Mike, Slim, and Paul should be somewhere near the top of that list for spearheading Houston's momentary chokehold on hip-hop. The Game performing with his son at the BET Awards. Grammy Awards Best Rap Album Winners (by Year), The 50 Best Summer Rap Songs of the 2000s, The 10 Best Michael Jackson Samples in Rap, T.I. "All I Do Is Think of You" is a favorite among Jackson 5 fans. "Daydreamin'" is a colorful blend of poetry, blues, and hip-hop. "Hot in Herre" was supposed to be a summer single, but the St. Louis native got more than he bargained for. Like the theme music to a good movie, they underscore a unique decade in hip-hop.Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane and explore the best rap songs of the 2000s. Merging conscious rhymes with old-school beats was the forte. Like your big brother giving you the "do good, live right" spiel before going away to college. This ebullient jawn from his collaboration with Madlib captured the two in top form. Carter Enterprises, LLC distributed as Roc Nation. The reconciliation was just as historic as the battle. It's undoubtedly one of the greatest diss songs in the history of hip-hop. Henry Adaso has written about hip-hop since 2005 and founded the award-winning blog The Rap Up. Aside from Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, no other event garnered hip-hop support like the 2008 presidential election. "Motown 25" is four minutes of non-stop multi-syllabic rhyme schemes. We may never know exactly how much of this song was 50's idea, but one thing is certain: "Hate It Or Love It" is a winner. Mash Out Posse came out the door with a loud bang and sustained that intensity throughout the 2000s. Jay-Z and Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind. One must note that hip-hop music and modern electronic music share a similar history. Ghostface Killah performing at The Meadows Festival. Cut Chemist) - "Chemical Calisthenics", Raekwon (feat. : 1: Cupid Shuffle: Cupid: 2007: Popular: 2: Cha-Cha Slide: Mr. C The Slide Man These songs embody the spirit of the 2000s. And they held onto those values all the way to the end of the group's run in 2007. Mature, nuanced, and rife with unexpected metaphors. "In Da Club" sat atop every chart in every country and scored a few Grammy nods for Fif. Respect is due. This jam about survival helped Kweli make the transition from member of a dynamic duo to a strong solo artist. If you partied at the dawn of the century, you must have encountered this bouncy trifle at some point. Jadakiss - Why (featuring Anthony Hamilton). Perfect for a mid-tempo workout session. Jay flips the theme music from Eternal Sunshine into a gorgeous hip-hop gem. Andre 3000 and Big Boi, in their creative ebullience, dazzled with 2000's Stankonia. Kanye came to his rescue on the back of this Jackson 5-sampling anthem from The Blueprint. If "Chemical Calisthenics" didn't help you ace your Chemistry class, you're doing it wrong. "Blinded by the Lights" is a smart, intense bit from the narrative that encapsulates the protagonist's helplessness. Today’s Rave: 2000+ Hits June 11, 2008. Anthony Hamilton) - "Why", Elzhi (feat. "Boom" is the sound of a heavyweight champ sparring with himself. 1. One of his most memorable performances arrived on the Darrien Brockington-aided gem "All That You Are.". Jemini avoids that criticism by sarcastically urging kids to do drugs on a song titled "Don't Do Drugs," while Danger Mouse keeps the beat bubbly. Wait, what are those things standing upright at the base of your skin? Brother Ali rails against the status quo. Immortal Technique - Revolutionary Vol. But you simply can't turn it off because his flow is so damn infectious. The beat, courtesy of the late great Roc Raida, will have you reaching for Bengay from too much head bobbing. Long before Beans went rogue, the Roc's top three MCs joined forces to craft this street masterpiece. There's a certain magic to this song that I don't want to ruin by trying to dissect the ingredients. And "Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)" is no ordinary rap song. Cam'ron's recession rap anthem captures the frustrations that peppered the global economic turmoil. Among the highlights are numbers provided by Donna M., Ministry of Funk, Groovemagnet, and Delorean.The bargain-priced #1 Club Hits series makes these tracks affordable for listeners on a budget. Rather than contrive a common ground, both men embraced their differences and left us with an event record. Weezy goes on a free-verse rampage, rambling about everything under the sun. But it’s only one part of the equation. Oh man, the good ol' days when Timbaland was cranking out club knockers every other Tuesday. Pharrell Williams) - "Southern Hospitality", Chamillionaire (ft. Krayzie Bone) - "Ridin'", Jadakiss (feat. Among the greatest rap songs of all time. Nas' esoteric yet wittily ferocious response to Jay-Z's "Takeover" helped clinch his victory in the battle for New York supremacy. A bouncy anthem simultaneously showcasing DP's versatility and underlining their commitment to activism. David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons (CC by 3.0). The song's lighthearted vibe is apropos given Oregon's high depression rates. "Shakey Dog" worked because it found that sweet spot in the middle. It's the very song that helped spur the Def Jux revolution. Jay-Z and Beanie Sigel) - "What We Do", Missy Elliott (feat. Lupe’s skateboard anthem made the world take notice of the Chi-Town MC’s push for the return of the art of storytelling sorely needed in this decade. Check Buck Marley's comical rhymes from Buck Marley: "See when the sunshine come out, the Lamborghini somehow had the haters mad, looking at me with they tongue out.". Usually, when he does so, it's because he has trouble on his mind. Produced by the late great J Dilla and inspired by Common's ex Erykah Badu, "The Light" warmed up many nights throughout the 2000s. This hilarious paean to booger sugar had all the girls (and some fellas) fiendin' for N.E.R.D goodness. Ak's code of ethics is simple: If it makes Bob Marley turn in his grave, don't do it. "Drive" starts out with El spewing lines like, "C'mon ma, can I borrow the keys? Orbiting around a bombastic Billy Squire sample, "Fix Up, Look Sharp" grabs your ear instantly and keeps ringing even after the last note has dropped. A sweet reminder of a time when CRS (Kanye, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco) teased us endlessly with the promise of a long-player. Already a respected producer, Kanye West demonstrates his sonic range on "Flashing Lights." Like the theme music to a good movie, they underscore a unique decade in hip-hop. A brother can dream, right? You can play this at a retirement home and watch old souls get excited about a line dance. That unmistakable bling tug filled the floor quicker than a money rain. Cappadonna & Ghostface) - "10 Bricks", The Foreign Exchange - "All That You Are", Jay-Z (ft. Alicia Keys) - "Empire State of Mind", Terror Squad (feat. But when you take away his refuge, it's like stealing a fat kid's lunch. Dwele) - "Flashing Lights", Jay Electronica - "Eternal Sunshine (The Pledge)", Freeway (feat. "Why am I workin' here? The song's hazed-out jazzy vibe, coupled with Tech's psychopathic recital, is incredibly chilling. Jay’s imagery is impressive. The result is a cohesive gem that sent ripples across the airwaves. 's star-stuffed single instantly became an inescapable radio hit, club banger, and summer staple in 2008. AZ and Firm partner trade rhymes on, "The Essence", which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group. This will probably go down as the greatest challenge ever posed in a head-butting contest. made considerable strides in the 2000s because of songs like "How About Some Hardcore" and "Ante Up." David Banner serves up an orchestral sound-bed, while The King kicks street wisdom to young trappers in the struggle. Lupe Fiasco feat. One mindless phrase repeated over and over and over and over until it becomes irresistible. This one was so hot it inspired Weird Al's "White & Nerdy" remix. By the mid to late 2000's, electronic/dance influences have stormed into the pop music world. A modern masterpiece. This is the hymn of a man at peace with the sound of his own voice. Kanye's braggart rhymes, Jay-Z's strong presence, Lil Wayne's unique delivery, and T.I. It's bouncy enough for the club and frenetic enough for the gym. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1999 CD release of Best Of Rave Party on Discogs. A classic eulogy that nails the job it wasn't trying to do in the first place. On "Lights Please," the Roc Nation signee manages to cram an epistle's worth of social commentary into four minutes without wandering off into preachy territory. No hip-hop song in recent memory captured so perfectly the sentiment of despair and the possibility of hope. Missy quickly became a favorite in the 2000s on the strength of her progressive production and innovative videos. Outkast and Raekwon hadn’t collaborated since Aquemini and this track – with an amazing closing verse from Andre –showed us why they needed to do it again. Strong songwriting and instrumentation as well as respect for influences. You couldn't go anywhere in 2000 without hearing Barrington Levy's voice, followed by Shyne's gritty flow. Em instructs you to "lose yourself in the moment," while the beat motivates you to move your feet. It relies on a simple plot: a boy loses money, gets a girl, loses the girl, finds the money. On the 9th Wonder-laced "And This Is For...," Murs imbues the topic with the insight, bite, and nuance it truly deserved. This list reflects dance-pop songs by mainstream artists not squarely in the electronic/dance music realm that have noticeable electronic influences.